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Rice Water for Hair ! Incredible Benefits and How to use it :-

Rice Water for Hair ! Incredible Benefits and How to use it :-

Rice water for hair

The Rice water has been used from centuries by women in Japan , China as a Natural Hair Treatment . In a Scientific study it has found that an ingredient named inositol present in Rice water helps in penetrate damaged hair and repair the hair for a long time .

It is known as Asia’s Ancient secret and best part of this that it is very easy to make as you need only rice and water . The Rice grains contains 60 to 70 percent starch which is very beneficial for hair . There are many vitamins and minerals contained in rice . The Rice Water includes Vitamin E , antioxidants , amino acids etc .

It Tightens your skin and increases blood circulation in your body , improves growth of skin cell by which your skin looking young .

How to make Rice water and use it ?

By Boiled Rice Water –

  • Take a Tumbler and fill tumbler with rice ( Any type of rice whether it is basmati , brown , white)
  • Now Fill water in them and Boil the rice .
  • Now After Boiling Strain the excess water in the tumbler .

Rice water for hair ! How to use –

1-Take a Bowl of Boiled Rice water now add some drops of Rosemary , Lavender oil in it .

2-Now Shampoo Your hair from any one which you used and then pour the rice water Over it for 10 to 20 minutes .

3- Massage your hair and scalp Gently .

4- After that Wash your hair with water and use this process for 2 times in a week for improvements in the hair .

Fermented Rice Water-

  • Take mustard powder and some water and mix the rice with them until it forms a paste .
  • Now add some lavender or olive oil in it .
  • Apply the Material on your scalp .
  • Now Keep it for 20 minutes and after that wash your hair with shampoo.

* Results-

This is my experience after using Rice Water.

After washing My hair was totally different , its like a coating on my hair which improves the health of my hair . After using it for some days my hair looks shiny and strong .

Incredible Benefits of Rice water

Rice Water Protects hair from damage -It includes antioxidants , Amino acids which is very beneficial . An ingredient named inositol Which helps in penetrate damaged hair and make the hair smooth and shiny .

Improves Hair Quality – The amino acids present in This water which helps in regeneration of faster growth of your hair .

The rice water contains various vitamins such as vitamin B , c and vitamin E which helps in improvement of hair . Apply rice water twice a week .

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Lice Remover -The Rice water is a good solution for removing Lice . The statch which is present in rice water kills lice instantly . The rice water Strengthens your hair .

Shiny and Silky hair -The rice water are rich in vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial for hair and skin . The rice water contains amino acids which strengthen the hair roots . The rice water Also contain an ingredient named inositol which protects the hair from damage .

Used as a Facial Cleanser – Take a cotton pad and dip it into the rice water and massage gently for two minutes and then wash your face . The regular usage of this helps in cleaning of face by making face glow and tights the skin also .

Rice water for hair

Helps in Removing Dandruff – The fermented ..includes various vitamins and minerals which fights with the fungi that causes dandruff and helps in eliminating them .

For Dry Skin– The skin water helps in prevention of slin irritation caused by Sodium laurel sulfate (ingredient found in many care products ) .

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